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Welcome to Deep Calm with Meghna

At 'Deep Peace with Meghna' I am firmly convinced that health and well-being can only be achieved through a harmonious balance of body, mind and soul. As a highly qualified and experienced health practitioner, I have specialized in refining and organizing the subtle flow of energy in the human biofield in order to promote health and well-being. It gives me pleasure to help people to raise their lives to a higher level, through more knowledge and experience in the field of subtle energy. I was trained by international masters of energy medicine from all over the world, and I have been practicing for many years to achieve mastery.

​The sessions can be conducted in German or English, non-verbal sessions are also possible. You have the choice between group lessons or individually tailored sessions, either online or in my studio.

​I am looking forward to hearing from you to answer your questions or to discuss whether a tailor-made session could be beneficial for you or whether a certain group course is more suitable than another. Asking questions can help you to better inform yourself about how I can support you or how we can work together. I do not regard this as a binding obligation on your part, but as a positive sign of your commitment to your health.


About Me

Life is like a box of chocolates, you're never sure what you're getting." This famous line from the movie Forrest Gump reflects my life's journey!

Born in London in a family with roots in India, I spent part of my life in Africa, surrounded by animals, people and an impressive landscape. After my education at University College London, my professional path led me to the world of investment banking in London. Now I live in Potsdam, Germany.

My multicultural upbringing has given me a global perspective: learning from the best of each culture and acting locally. With passion for my work, I strive to make what I do accessible to everyone, provided that they are motivated and have the intention to improve their habits.

The methods I use impress and surprise me every day anew in their versatility! Please join me on the journey to discover and benefit from the invisible world of energy.





2021 - 2024

Wellness Medical Qigong Practitioner - Training awarded by the Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine

Certified as a Biofeld Tuning practitioner

Hunyuan Qi therapy training - 2-year training according to the training plan used at Huaxia Medical-Free Hospital in Beijing – 2021 to 2025



Biofield Tuning Foundation Course

BioGeometry Advanced Training Course




BioGeometry Foundation Training Course


Kansa Vatki Face massage Course


Shivabalayogi Meditation - permission to initiate people into this form of meditation










Zhineng Qi Gong

Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Therapist

Dream work after Plato - Pierre Grimes, California

Philosophical Midwifery - Pierre Grimes, California

Gesundheitspraktikerin BfG

Training with Rosalyn Bruyere

Flower Essence Society Professional Training Course, California

Indian Champissage Therapist

​Bikram Yoga Teacher

Member of:

  •    Recognized member of the professional group of health practitioners in the Society for Alternative Medicine (BfG / DGAM)

  •    Member of the Flower Essence Society, California

​Practices in which Meghna personally participated intensively:

  •   Gayatri Mantra - since I was 5 years old

  •   Vipassana Meditation - Sayaji U Ba Kin & Ajahn Man

  •   White Skeleton Meditation

  •   Hesychasm - Jesus Prayer

  •   Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - Zen Meditation

  •   DT Suzuki - Zen Meditation

  •   Dhyanalinga Meditation, India

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