A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others. Norman Shidle

Whether you are looking to support your teams own well-being, or you are searching for increased professional edge, there are many possible support opportunities.

As a part of a Project Manager group in Investment Banking in London and also having set up the foundational Knowledge Management sharing project for conservation groups supporting the Asiatic lions in Gir, India, Meghna offers many skills to you from team-working support, creativity or massage and healthy movement in the workplace.

With this background, I am in the fortunate position to offer you the following:

a) Flower essences in the workplace, to support creativity and manage stress.

b) Supporting teamwork dynamics in times of stress.

c) Meditation in the workplace to reduce stress, increase creativity and resilience - thereby reducing sick days.

d) Creative thinking using the work of Edward de Bono and others.

e) Massage in the workplace - reducing stress and increasing creativity.

f) Qi-gong in the workplace - creating healthy bodies and healthy workers.

g) Yoga in the workplace - spine flexibility and movement enhances everyone's lives and output.

A life-long interest in creativity and excellence also brings benefits to our work together.

Find the solution for your needs with strength, clarity and focus.