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Ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Entspannung, Energie Aufladung, Relaxation, Qigong, Reiki

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Meghna gives what she promises with her therapies. Deep peace! I was allowed to discover my inner center, lightness and my true self. A new way of life full of joy! Holistic health for body, mind and soul. Through her wonderful meditations, Qi Gong and individual sessions, I have experienced miracles and continue to experience them. I am blessed and thankful for that.

The deep relaxation and bliss of meditation are so indescribably beautiful. And the effect can be felt on so many levels in daily life!





Very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere ... I was with Ms. Patel to balance energy, also using BioGeometry ... because, among other things, I have endometriosis and therefore have monthly cycle-related pain, I told her about it. After the 2nd session, this pain wasn't there for the first time in months ... Let's see whether it was a one off or permanent ... great experience ... can only be recommended. THANKS

Because I've always wanted to try it out, I spontaneously took part in an "Inner Smile" meditation. It is worth trying it yourself.
After a short introduction, Meghna guided me through the meditation and at the end also back to the "here and now" with her pleasant voice, so that I felt awake, relaxed and rested afterwards. That smile stayed with me for a while.
Even when it was online, I felt Meghna's wonderful calm energy very present and felt very comfortable at all times.
Thank you very much, dear Meghna, for this very nice experience and every Friday I look forward to the relaxed start to the weekend with meditation together - I manage to get better every time!





Meghna is the right place for anyone looking for inner support. Working with her is intense and very effective.
She has an impressive extensive knowledge and knows how to use it.

From the first conversation I felt that I was in good hands with her. She has a calming manner, is very empathetic and quickly finds out what I needed. After the first treatment (energy balance) my tension was gone. I felt resettled on an essential level. My body was vitalized and my head clearer.

I had a difficult breakup. I finally managed to dispose of all the memorabilia. The strength for it was suddenly there. At first I started to clean out my apartment more than thoroughly. It took weeks and was very arduous, but the relief and liberation were powerful. A very intense feeling of happiness. Like when you're in love again.

The Inner Smile Meditation and the one-to-one conversations with Meghna helped me a lot to leave old disturbing behavior patterns behind. She also taught me techniques to keep calm in everyday life and to keep my thoughts under control. I am more and more at peace with myself now.

Thank you very much for all of this, dear Meghna, and I look forward to my next sessions with you!

After my aortic aneurysm operation, bacteria were found in my blood that could be quickly identified and antibiotic treatment was ordered over a long period of time with a high daily dose ... I put myself in the hands of Ms. Patel, because of her special abilities I have heard to minimize the side effects of the medical prescription ... I am writing it to my opinion Very professional treatment by Ms. Patel, which went into a physical depth that was previously unknown to me, that despite the twice daily administration of an antibiotic tailored to the bacterium with a total of 2 x 500 mG active ingredient, no side effects have occurred from the beginning until today ... Thanks a lot for this !





I started meditation with Meghna at a time when I was going through particularly stressful events in my life and feeling fairly vulnerable. Having tried other meditation techniques, I was looking for something to help me reduce my level of stress and anxiety. The result was more than expected! She has a unique method of meditation which is so accessible and has honestly been truly transformative in relation to my daily outlook on life and also my methods of coping. I have become a lot more self - aware and regularly implement her techniques to help me through stressful episodes, often leading to successful outcomes. I feel positively more balanced and have an inner peace which has grown steadily throughout my journey with her. She is a highly skilled individual and knowledgeable in what she does. I feel secure in her practice and even in a group session she has this outstanding ability to make each participant feel connected. Coupled with her amazing energy, I would definitely recommend Meghna.

I felt very safe and welcome right away. Miss Patel did an amazing job on the professional Indian head-massage, it was very relaxing and I could finally calm down from my everyday stress.
I would definitely recommend it!




Ms. Patel was recommended to me and I have not regretted it. The changes were visible very quickly and I feel 100% better. And her practice alone is worth a visit, the energy and air is incredible.


Meghna's meditation classes are marvelous! And her individual sessions are a special treat. She serves with generosity, kindness, and wisdom, and has been very helpful to me. If you are interested in seeing what she can do for (and with) you, go ahead and make an appointment - you will be glad you did!





I joined one of the Inner Smile Meditation sessions at the last minute and it was exactly what I needed. Without consciously realising it I had been struggling to take a deep breadth, it felt like something was blocking me. The meditation helped me worked through that and take a deep and very satisfying breadth and feel the tension flowing away.

Mona, London

Meghna guided us through a wonderful meditation, clear and rejuvenating.. creating a safe and inspiring space, enabling us to really go deep. Just what i needed in these challenging times.. thank you Meghna! See you again soon, Peter Lucker. I usually guide experiences and meditations. I immediately said yes to this beautiful meditation when my dear friend Peter Lucker asked whether i would like to do this together with him. What a meditation and profound experience. Thank you Meghna, I was and still am in such a beautiful, serene space. Thank you, love Hannelie Venucia. Xoxoxo, South Africa


South Africa


Today just had Zoom groep meditation with Meg. What a great energy. Very relaxing and something to learn from it. More of that: one moment just felt weightless. Thnx Meghna🙏💌 


In addition to a super-helpful introduction to meditation, Ms. Patel's energy balance helped me alleviate my problems and discomforts. In particular, the energy balance has done me incredibly well and totally impressed me. I will regularly use Ms. Patel's skills and knowledge in the future.





Perfect place to calm down and to channel the inner energy. Had the most peaceful time with Meghna. Would like to try out again in the future!!
Nilima, Potsdam

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