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Fill up with Life Force Energy, and:

- increase awareness of the energy movements within yourself and your interactions with the world outside of yourself.
- intuitively learn about life force management to improve your health.
- see what is contributing to lower levels of health and how to change this to improve your health.
- set better intentions to improve your vitality and wellbeing.
- improve alignment through awareness with your life goals.

​​Life Force Class 6 - the last one of the year - begins on Saturday 30th September for 4 weeks. Cost €100.

Healthy Living...

You are here because you want to treat yourself better, you have a health goal that you are looking to reach, you are looking for general support in improving your health related habits and you want to increase the state of your health.


Perhaps these are some of the areas that interest you:

  • moving away from too much anxiety, anger, worrying, sadness towards more contentment and joy

  • moving away from unhealthy stress towards more beneficial relaxation and increased resilience 

  • moving away from pain towards more ease on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels

  • moving away from a lack of energy & clarity in your life towards your inner centre where everything is in flow and & where you feel like things make more sense

  • you are ready for a little guidance and support in your journey.

  • you would like some support in understanding where you are in your health journey, and to determine some realistic goals that you can reach with personally suited exercises that will help you get there

  • you are really interested in subtle energy and would like to get help from an expert to increase your skills!

  • maybe you are a highly sensitive individual and require someone who is very sensitive to help you to learn how to balance your energy fields and manage your sensitive tendencies.


All the previous reasons led you here, so see how you can start improving your health me through the options below!


Healthy Living Programs

Healthy Living 1

Personal Program

Happy Dance

Healthy Living 2

Group Classes

Laughing Yoga

Healthy Living 3

Monthly support

Stressed Woman

Healthy Living 4

1 Year Class - 2023

Mature Woman

1) Healthy Living
Personal Program

You are so unique. You have had different experiences in this life than other people, and this makes finding your optimal health such an individual journey. With this in mind, it makes sense to approach your health in a particular way that is tailor-made for you. This is where I come in.

After an initial consultation, we will work together with your needs, habits, abilities and goals to create a health program that suits YOU.

Where is your starting point in this journey with me? Do you have a medical condition? Are you looking for self-care methodologies to practice? Or are you looking for deep relaxation for self-indulgence or as part of a stress care management program? Are you looking to maintain health, or increase it? Or would you like to deepen your experience of being in your body and having a more embodied experience of your life?


I have a huge toolkit of methods and experiences and this is all we need to get you to a better place in your health journey. I welcome you warmly!

Senior Portrait
1) Healthy Living Personal Program
Tai Chi Training

2) Healthy Living
Group Classes

You are looking to learn and practice new skills that support your health goals. 

I offer one regular class at the moment, available online or in the practice (space can sometimes be limited). Classes can be conducted in both the German and English languages, depending on who is attending: 

  1. Inner Smile Meditation (Tuesday 14pm CET & Saturday 10:30am CET) Benefits - with regular practice, learn to use your consciousness to influence your health. Understand how to change your mood, how outer events impact your state of mind and how to gain control of your mind. Gain coherence in your body, mind and spirit. Improve your health on all levels. Increase your emotional resilience.

  2. Medical Qigong for Health(Saturday 9:15am CET) - Benefits - with regular practice, learn to coordinate your mind, body and breath through simple movements that can be done while lying down, sitting or standing. Suitable for all people including people recovering / suffering from illness, backache, pain and low energy. Improves joint movement, and increases energy levels, eases pain. Improves emotional mood, willpower, intuition, and flow of life force. As a result, obstacles and challenges are easier to overcome and emotional stability is improved.

2) Healthy Living Group Classes
3) Healthy Living Monthly support

3) Healthy Living
Monthly support

Sometimes you can go through periods that are more stressful and difficult and you require a little extra support to stay in balance. Or you are suffering from a chronic health problem and are looking to be proactive in maintaining and improving your health. Or you have decided to commit to your health on all levels this year because you enjoy the feeling of increasing the balance, harmony, strength and beauty in your life.

For this I have created an offering of 30 minute weekly qi (life force energy) emission sessions. Online or in the office.


I will support you by exposing your energetic body to an abundant healing energy field full of good information for 30 minutes, once a week on Saturday at 10:15am.


Many positive results have been experienced by people who are in the hospital, back home after being in the hospital, by people under extreme stress, or by people just wanting to top up on their energy levels on all levels for different lengths of time. You can book on a monthly basis. 4 sessions per month will be roughly in February, April, May, June, August and October.

Please come into contact with me just to say hi or with questions by filling the contact section below or by calling, emailing or messaging me.

Class Dates:

Life Force Class 1: 4 Feb, 11 Feb, 18 Feb, 25 Feb

Life Force Class 2: 1 April, 8 April, 15 April, 22 April

Life Force Class 3: 29 April, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May

Life Force Class 4: 10 June, 17 June, 24 June, 1st July

Life Force Class 5: 5 August, 12 Aug, 19 Aug, 26 August

Life Force Class 6: 7 October, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 October

Stressed Woman
4) Healthy Living 1 Year Classes
Mature Woman

4) Healthy Living
1 Year Class - 2023

So you are ready to commit to a longer term health support? These classes were created to support my exisiting clients or new clients who are looking to increase their overall wellbeing at a reasonable cost. This is the place of maintenance, happiness and increasing well being.

These classes are only available online and take place weekly on Tuesday evenings (approx. 38 sessions total in 2023) in both German and English. If you are unable to attend online, but are interested in these classes, please contact me, as there are other ways of accessing these courses.

  1. Heart Centred Life & Meditation - (Tuesday 19pm CET) - Benefits - You will gain coherence in your body, mind and spirit and increase your emotional resilience, becoming more able to function from your heart centre as the year goes along. Audios sent every week to practice at home.

  2. Life Energy Booster - (Tuesday 19:30pm CET) - Benefits - In the comfort of your own home, fill up on life force energy once a week. Many benefits include relaxation, stress relief, focus, calm, better health, increased energy levels. A best seller! .

  3. Life Energy Booster - English only - (Tuesday 15:00pm CET / 9am NYC time) - Benefits - In the comfort of your own home, fill up on life force energy once a week. Many benefits include relaxation, stress relief, focus, calm, better health, increased energy levels. A best seller! .

Let’s Get Healthy

People who use my services see the results in their lives quickly, efficiently and painlessly. I am not surprised at the results because I invest in my training (from the best in the world) and my skills, so that you are receiving the best support. (Read the testimonials here.)


Let us get realistic here. MOST people do not want to pay for preventative health services. This is how we have been societally trained to think and behave. But look around and you will see that MOST people are now unhealthy, sick or too overwhelmed by life, so it seems that what people have been taught by their society / their immediate environment (family) is not always in their best interests. 

YOU are the only one who can decide to invest in yourself and increase the quality of your life and well-being. When you work with me, you will not be throwing your money away, you will be investing in techniques that you can use yourself!

My prices may be perceived as high by some people because of their economic circumstances OR their belief that they must always find something cheaper or for free. With me, you will always find the best quality. You will not be disappointed. If need be, by budgeting your money for your health and by talking with me, we can find a way to work together that suits your pocket and mine. I also offer the different package options above that will suit most budgets and occasional free classes (register for my Newsletter below to receive these offers).

If you are not satisfied (within reason) after an individual appointment, I will give you 50% of your money back. This way, you do not have to worry that this will be a bad investment in yourself. Come and be pleasantly surprised and most of all, be relaxed that you are doing something great for your health! 


I am here to build long term relationships, serving the people I work with, so that their health improves on all levels and that they may be able to discover the beauty, intelligence and vitality within themselves and the world around them.


Let's work together to uncover the real, healthy version of you!

Ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Entspannung, Energie Aufladung, Relaxation, Qigong, Reiki

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